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10 Must-Have Jhumkas for the Perfect Traditional Look

Do you have a collection of jewelry that is entirely comprised of earrings that resemble chandeliers? If so, you are in the ideal location to learn everything there is to know about it. They are known as the most adored and king of all earrings by girls. Regarding Jhumkas, your assumption was correct. They can be accessorized daily, are classic, and look lovely. 

Enjoy the beauty of Jhumkas in a variety of metals, styles, and colors because we are about to give you all the justifications you need to stack them in your jewelry wardrobe. They can give your style a boost with both traditional and modern looks. 

Here are 10 different varieties of jhumkas you can use to spice up every outfit in your closet!

  1. Chaand Bali


The name "Moon earrings" (Chaand Baali) refers to the earrings, which are in the form of a crescent moon with trinkets below it. This jhumka style is a lovely fusion of two gorgeous jhumka and chaand bali motifs. That should be sufficient justification for you to purchase them to add to your traditional appearance. The earrings are original 19th-century royal pieces. Even for millennials, the Jhumkas are worth the creation of pure elegance because of their wonderful and vintage Rajasthani feel.

2. Ear Cuff Jhumkas

Ear cuff jhumka

These Jhumkas are a stunning depiction of Indian ethnic beauty that also incorporates elements of contemporary design. These gorgeous jhumkas, which are fashioned from the best of both jewel beauties, are a must-have for you. The cuff-style earring might draw attention because it is finished with a jhumka. They come in a variety of patterns and styles that you can use with any outfit to get a boho-chic aesthetic. 

3. Hoop Jhumkas

Traditional hoop jhumkas

The jhumkas are, as their name implies, earrings that resemble a hoop, typically one that is circular or semicircular. They also resemble a dangler and are typically worn closer to the ears. If you completely adore ethnic jewelry, this is the piece you must have for your classic appearance. Oxidized, dark, or stone-studded, these are everything to fall in love with!

4. Layered Jhumkas

Layered jhumkas

Another stunner from the League of Jhumkas, in which the diamonds are piled in stages, is this one. They are positioned one below the other to resemble an umbrella-like structure. Multi-layered jhumkas, which are ideal to wear with Indian traditional garments, are referred to when the layers are present in more than two numbers. 

5. Kashmiri Jhumkas

Kashmiri jhumka


They are particularly lovely to own because they originate in Kashmir, the land of beauty. They stand out in the competition of accessories due to their magnificent appearance and the variety of ways you may style them. They are distinctive and quite in style. These jhumkas have an extended closure that may be tucked behind your ears or into various parts of your hair. It also has a long chain and beautiful pearls. These will highlight the beauty of the length if you want a different appearance.

6. Chandelier Jhumkas

Chandelier Jhumkas

This is yet another creation of the Hyderabadi Nizams. This elegant option of chandelier style, which resembles a priceless jewel, looks fantastic hanging down your ear. The jhumkas have an extended tassel finish that is ideal for giving your ensemble a dash of high design and modernity. 

7. Dangler Jhumkas

Dangler Jhumkas

There are many different types of hanging earrings on the market, including hoops and ones that hang freely. Any item having several frills that are arranged in a pattern and is called a dangler is one that hangs. They have a real boho vibe to them and work well with desi clothes. They are available in a variety of designs, including metallic, pop-pom, colored, and many more!

8. Lakshmi Jhumkas

Lakshmi jhumka

These earrings are incredibly beautiful to the naked eye and feature a tiny image of the goddess Laxmi. The goddess Laxmi is very skillfully interwoven into the jhumkas, and the little ghunghroos that extend from them finish the look. Do you recall when the peacock design was first introduced to us? They appear to be an addition to the already well-liked style. For religious gatherings, pre-wedding ceremonies, and festivities like Diwali, the handcrafted idol of Laxmi Ji is the ideal bargain.

9. Paisley Jhumkas

These jhumkas are the epitome of Indian culture in terms of traditional craftsmanship because of their gorgeous design of paisleys and filigree work. When worn with various types of drapes and suits, the design stands out in every way. If you are a jhumka hoarder, they make a gorgeous piece to store and are quite light to wear on a daily basis.

10. Geometrical Jhumkas

Geometrical earring


Since the jhumka's name describes how it should appear, its shape is more elegant. They come in a variety of shapes, including rectangles, triangles, squares, domes, and others that you can choose from. They are a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection and come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are perfect for different faces and can make you stand out from the crowd. You can wear them all day long with gorgeous long skirts and tees.

Jhumkas are timeless pieces of jewelry that can elevate any outfit. From the traditional chaand bali to the modern ear cuff jhumkas, there's a style for everyone to choose from. If you're looking to add some stunning Jhumkas to your collection, consider shopping from Just Real Deals. They offer a wide variety of authentic and high-quality jhumkas that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

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